I’ve got good news for you. Your original innocence is intact. And there is no such thing as “original sin.’

Innocent does not mean not guilty; it means uninjured. Your pristine innocence is your power to know the truth, the self-evident truth. Remember?
—Charles L. Moore

Synthesis Remembered speaks to a profound level of our innate knowing. This sweeping work sparks in the reader a deep recollection of our origins. Intuitive wisdom emanates gracefully, often surprisingly, in a magical blending of fact and imagination through dialogues between familiar historical characters. We are led through the author’s investigation of the misuse of power, often cloaked in religion, and its effect on civilization, ancient and modern, back to the true source that manifests within each soul on this planet. Going beyond a mere description of our “undoing,” these writings return us in the end to the true masters, ourselves, reminding us that the precious gift is ours to claim again, right here, right now.