About the Book
Millions of people the world over are awakening spiritually. This wave of expanding awareness raises many questions about the roots and intentions of organized religion, and of Christianity in particular. Critical truths have been concealed throughout history. Newly-found documents and numerous books are beginning to reveal the intrigue of power and control behind past cover-ups. This story has captured the interest of a growing population hungry for the veils of deceit to be lifted.

Synthesis Remembered presents a radical departure from traditional interpretations of Christianity's history. Based on the author's extensive education and research, coupled with profound revelatory dreams and visions, this compelling work begins four billion years ago and walks us into our immediate future. Revealed are methods used to divorce us from the innate mysticism of Christianity. Uncovered are the fear-invoking actions that have redirected and dominated us. Exposed is the reality that those in power benefit even today from our ignorance.

But Synthesis Remembered does not leave us with a sense of helplessness about a past or present seemingly beyond our control. Reaching beyond a nebulous offer of hope, Father Charles Moore speaks in a voice of joyful wisdom and great love for humankind. Synthesis Remembered communicates the inherent strength in human beings, and the know-how to reclaim our true power, while shedding light on mysteries that beckon to us all. Father Charlie's depth of insight awakens in each of us a calling to our birthright—Original Innocence—a return to our center of clarity, to self-mastery and to refound freedom.

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