Father Charles Moore, spiritual teacher, historian and scholar, graduated from Stanford University and Law School and was elected District Attorney in Santa Cruz County, California in 1954. Shortly after leaving that position he turned his full attention to religious studies.

Father Charlie was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1964. He holds degrees in philosophy and theology from Catholic University. His avocation, linguistics, led him to study Latin at a Benedictine monastery and Greek at a Jesuit seminary. He has also studied Spanish, French, Italian, German, Welsh, Russian and Japanese, and is familiar with Sanskrit, Chinese, Rumanian, Turkish, Dutch, Hawaiian and several Native American languages, including Sioux, Blackfoot and Hopi.

Father Charlie has traveled extensively in search of the ancient roots of religious practice, through Britain, Europe, India, Hawaii, Alaska and Mexico, and to the homelands of several Native American tribes. His Christian roots are now enhanced by the teachings of the Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Hawaiian, American Indian and old Celtic religions.

Today, retired from the priesthood and living on the central California coast, Father Charlie shares his ongoing journey of discovery through writing, speaking engagements and radio interviews.